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PRENT Community Development Initiatives was founded in May 2012 as a Community Development Initiative in Masaka district by a team of young professionals who had a concerted passion to join hands and address the specific community challenges with sustainable solutions and hence the “sustainable livelihood and holistic development “concept pivoted specifically to the Youths and women addressing majorly poverty, unemployment, Domestic Violence, Addictions, Sanitation and Hygiene, HIV/AIDS, and Human Rights abuse, among others with a participatory approach through research, advocacy,empowerment and Networking to restore the worth of the people in the communities and hence a trickle-down effect to the nation and export the impact, so far registered in Mukono-PRENT/422,with the Community Development Offices.

Requirements from user

  • Invitation from a client
  • Physical meeting with a client

Some Extras

  • • Health Sensitization for $50 in 1 day
  • • Agricultural Training for $50 in 1 day
  • • Economic Empowerment for $10 in 1 day
  • • Civic Education for $1 in 1 day
  • • Career Guidance for $20 in 1 day
  • • Research for $100 in 1 day
  • • Advocacy for $200 in 1 day
  • • Counseling and Guidance for $100 in 1 day

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