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Mukono International Medical Centre is the leading private medical service provider in Uganda. It was established to help meet the specific healthcare needs and to raise funds for that purpose. The Hospital has an extraordinary commitment to deliver the highest level of clinical quality and for providing the best possible standards of personalized care to its patients. The hospital has 3 Braches. The Main Branch is located in Kilangila, Wanton Mukono, the second Branch is located in Mukono Town and the third Branch is located in Seeta.

Please note that the prices here are not final. They can be reduced or increased depending on the nature of services needed.

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  • General Medical Services for $10 in 1 day
  • Antinental Care Services for $100 in 1 day
  • Gynecological Services for $50 in 1 day
  • General Surgery for $250 in 1 day
  • Cancer Screening for $100 in 1 day
  • General Medical Consultancy for $20 in 1 day

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