Maybach Car Wash Bar Lounge and Restaurant

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Posted by Sam 22-Nov 8:35am from mukono

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Maybach Car Wash Bar Lounge and Restaurant is one of the best Car washing Bays and happening places in Mukono Town-Uganda. We offer a wide range of Services including; Normal Car Wash (both day and night), Thorough Wash, Engine Washing, Under Spraying, Special Interior Hovering, T.Cut, Body wax & Polishing, and Headlight Cleaning. We also offer cool relaxation Bar launge and restaurant where you can enjoy Drinks, Eats, and Listen to Music as you are waiting for your car to be ready. We are located along Kampala Jinja High Way Next to Lands Stage, Mukono Town. For Inquiries and orders, please contact us on 0793-494189 or E-mail us at


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